Are you a business or professional? 


If you’re a business or professional and you’d like to purchase from our store, you can request access to our special price lists and exclusive discounts.

Requesting access to exclusive price lists for businesses is easy and simple:

·         Register your account on the website indicating your VAT number.

·         After having registered, please send us a copy of your national company registration document to:


Remember to include the email address you would like us to authorize.

To register, click here

All our B2B requests are subject to approval by our sales department.




I already registered but the prices still haven’t changed. Why?
Registering is only the first step to obtaining exclusive access, you must also send a copy of your business profile indicating the email address of your registered user account.

I’ve sent our company registration but still haven’t been granted access. Why?

Sometimes verification of data could take longer than expected and delay your authorization.

What’s different if I make purchases as a business or professional?

Once the account has been verified and you’ve logged in, you could take advantage of the best volume discounts available, and even more benefits. You can request estimates and personalized pricelists for wholesale purchases. Business clients can use the shopping cart when ordering. Shipping costs will then be added to the shopping cart according to the current agreement with the client.


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