Adjustment to GDPR EU Regulation 2016 679
In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation, B&P Solutions Corporation Ltd grants registered users of this site the following rights:

Right of access (art. 15)
- The right of access in any case provides for the right to receive a copy of the personal data being processed.
- The information to be provided by the data controller does not include the "modalities" of the processing, while it is necessary to indicate the period of storage envisaged or, if this is not possible, the criteria used to define this period, as well as the guarantees applied in the event of transfer of data to third countries.

Registered users can view all their data stored on this website by logging in to the GDPR area (link).
From this web page the user can obtain, by pressing the appropriate buttons, a copy of all the data stored by B&P Solutions Corporation Ltd on this site, such data can be exported in both pdf and csv format.
The extraction of data in csv format also guarantees the right to portability provided by the GDPR art. 20.

Unregistered users (commonly referred to as "guests" or "guests") who have made a purchase on this site do not have a personal reserved area.
These users may also request, using the contact form (link), information on personal data stored on this site.
B&P Solutions Corporation Ltd is committed to responding quickly to requests made by such users.

Right of cancellation (right to be forgotten) (art.17)
- The so-called 'right to be forgotten' takes the form of a right to the deletion of one's personal data in a reinforced form. In fact, there is an obligation for the owners (if they have "made public" the personal data of the person concerned: for example, by publishing them on a website) to inform other owners of the request for cancellation who process the deleted personal data, including "any link, copy or reproduction" (see Art. 17, paragraph 2).
- It has a wider scope than that of Article 7(3)(b) of the Code, since the data subject has the right to request the deletion of his or her data, for example, even after revocation of consent to processing (see Article 17(1)).

All registered "users" and also "guest" or "guest" users may at any time request, using the contact form (link), the cancellation of their data stored on this site.
B&P Solutions Corporation Ltd is committed to meeting requests for deletion of data within a reasonable time.
Before the final cancellation will be communicated to the applicant, by email, the initiation of the cancellation procedure.
From that moment on, B&P Solutions Corporation Ltd will not be able to transmit further communications to the user since its data - and in particular the applicant's email - have been permanently and irrecoverably deleted from the database of this site.

Your data is stored on servers equipped with all the latest security and protection systems, located within the EU. Specifically, your data is stored on an OVH server (link) to which we refer you for detailed information about the Privacy Policy and security technologies used.
Except in cases where the user specifically requests the deletion of his data from the database of this site, all data relating to the individual user and his purchases are kept on this site for a period of 26 (twenty-six) months from the last purchase made.
This period of data retention corresponds to the period of validity of the "Legal Warranty of conformity" provided by the Consumer Code (articles 128 et seq.), this Warranty protects the consumer in the event of purchase of defective products, which work poorly or do not respond to the use declared by the seller or for which that good is generally intended.

The cancellation of data from this site does not imply the elimination of any tax documents issued (invoices, receipts, ddt, etc..) that will be kept in accordance with the provisions of the Civil and Tax Regulations in force, or for 10 (ten) years from the date of issue.

If you would like to know more about GDPR, you can download it from our website in pdf format:
- EU Regulation 2016 679. (link)
- the "Guide to the application of EU Regulation 2016 679" (link)

If you have problems with products or services purchased online, you can use the platform provided by the European Commission to present

If you have problems with products or services purchased online, you can use the platform provided by the European Commission to file a complaint and find a solution by an independent dispute resolution body.

EU consumer protection legislation ensures that everyone has the right to be treated equally when buying goods and services online or offline.

European legislation ensures consumers:
- fair treatment
- products that meet acceptable standards
- the right of appeal in case of problems

Before you lodge a complaint with a merchant, it may be useful to know more about your rights, so you know the rights and remedies that apply to your situation.

Many organisations across the EU can provide useful information on consumer rights. If you have a problem purchasing products or services from a trader based in another EU country, you can contact your European Consumer Centre (ECC) free of charge.

- provide advice on your consumer rights
- help you resolve a dispute with a trader based in another EU country, Iceland or Norway, without resorting to a court of law
- advise you to contact another person if they can't help you

Use the following link to connect to the European Commission's website for online dispute resolution.



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